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Bridal Bouquets

Every bride wants the picture-perfect wedding -- even if the man she’s marrying thinks a toothless Elvis impersonator in Vegas fits the bill. RED Mountain Resort has hosted hundreds of weddings over the years -- in all four seasons -- and we can help you create the perfect package for your perfect day.

Our outdoor ceremony space, a 4400 sq. ft. sun deck with regal views of Red and Granite Mountains, is unmatched anywhere on earth. Your photographer might even give you a discount when she sees the majestic backdrop she gets to work with. Places people!

  • Our Backdrop
RED's has an mazing backdrop for your ceremony.
  • Deck or Dancefloor?
Our deck transforms into a dancfloor
  • Ceremony Site
Our 2774sf deck's view can't be beat!
  • Intimate
RED provides a unique, intimate site


Elevate Your Next Conference @ RED

If your last conference took place in some podunk town nobody was excited to fly to, why not spark that executive creativity by hosting your next gathering at RED? Our brand new Conference Centre, completed in Dec., 2010, is an urban-caliber facility with complete digital A/V connectivity and Wi-Fi throughout. With gorgeous views of Red and Granite Mountains you certainly won’t find in Orlando, various rooms for breakout meetings or different-sized groups, and full catering facilities, you might find that your employees elevate their game -- just to make sure they make the list for the next one! The 1289 sq. ft. RCC seats 80 people or handles 120 standing. The 2274 sq. ft. Sourdough seats 200 and can be combined with the RCC for extra-large groups, e.g. NFL player conferences or Sumo Wrestler Federations.

  • Dream Location
Our Newly completed Conference Center
  • Lots of space
Our conference room can seat up to 280 people!